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VEIN system is programed and constructed in Japan by Japanese members. So, for initial stages, all the pages will be written in Japanese and will be supported to Japanese veterinarians.
We are planning to translate all pages to English in the future. Please wait till then.
If you wish to see the images on VEIN system, you can enter by typing "guest" in the form above and press "Login" button.
If your system can indicate Japanese character, pages will be seen likely to what it should be, but if your system is designed for English district only, all the words in the pages will be messed up. This is because Japanese charactes are made by 2 bytes code. If you can be patient about these messy characters, images on all the pages will be seen clearly.
Copyrights of all the images on VEIN system are held by page author, veterinarians, photographer, or VEIN system. You are not allowed to use any on the picture in any way nor any place without our permission. Images are our products for sale and using our images without our permission are against copyright law which we will fight for. Although we have a generous mind to non-profit academical use if the copyrights are clearly written. Please ask webmaster( ) for the permission.
About VEIN(Veterinary Exotic Information Network) system

VEIN system is a total database for veterinary information on exotic animals which were insufficient in other media. All of the information are based on veterinary data but some are for general use. Basically, VEIN system is designed for veterinarians, zoo members, veterinary or biology scholar and students. But since we don't want to make any limitation to a thirst for knowledge, it is opened to general people who has strong interest to exotic animals as well.
Please note that expressions in VEIN is likely to veterinary thesis and contains medical, surgical, and anatomical images.
VEIN system is created by many veterinarians and will be updated as soon as possible. Since information about exotics are updated everyday, information system has to catch up. Not like exotic information on other media, such as books being old by several years, VEIN system can provide the latest information in this era of internet.
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Also, we suggest to use high connection speed above 64kbps. Some pages contain many images and it will take time to download by low speed modem.

*Recommended environment
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